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Viagra has become a saving grace not only for older people but for youths, with a constant hunger for sexual pleasures. Due to the fast absorption into the bloodstream, the drug acts almost instantly. You just for a minute, leave the room, take the drug and you are completely ready for intimacy.

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Details about the drug

Viagra is a unique tool created to address intimate male problems associated with the weakening of erection. It's a lifesaver for those who want to forget about their delicate difficulties and to enjoy intimacy with their sexual partner.

Viagra online has long established itself as an excellent means to improve erection. Viagra more elaborate, advanced analogue with improved properties. The drug exerts its effects much faster, it is only necessary to dissolve in the mouth tablet, which immediately gets into the blood system.

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If Viagra you have tested, you just need to try in action Viagra. He kept all the best from its predecessor and acquired a new positive characteristics. The main advantage of tablets Viagra effects over 1.5 days and preserved in Viagrae software. And coupled with a more rapid onset of action you get just the perfect tool to solve their sexual problems.

The action of Viagra

The drug has a desired effect almost immediately, from the time of admission. Viagra increases blood flow to the penis at the moment of excitation, causing a full, firm erection. The drug has no exciting action, and will have an effect only when your sexual desire.

Recommendations for use and dosing

Viagra is produced in form of thin plates, which quickly dissolve under the tongue, and thus quickly have an effect. Now the pill becomes simply not relevant. Feel free to hang the plate under the tongue and dissolve it. The medication dissolves quickly and the effect will not keep itself waiting long. Standard dosage is 50 mg, the intake should be no more than once per day. Your willingness to sexual intimacy will persist for 36 hours - Buy viagra online Canada

Recommendations and contraindications

It is desirable to conduct medical consultations before receiving the drug. To the drug has developed a list of contraindications, these are the main ones:

Prohibits the combined use Viagra and nitrates. Joint reception are able to dramatically lower your blood pressure and lead to death. Do not take the drug in individual hypersensitivity to any of its components. Children up to age 18 years is also the main contraindications. Forbidden Viagra with impaired functional ability of the liver and kidneys, high blood pressure.

Undesirable effects and overdose

The occurrence of side effects when taking cheap Viagra extremely rare. May be headache, nausea, nasal congestion, lumbalgia, enhanced blood flow to the face. Much less marked cutting pain in the eyes, swelling of the eyelids. The increase in prescribed dosages up to 50 mg provided the same adverse side effects as a more adequate dose.

Extremely rare cases continuous erection for several hours, the dark eyes, violation of light perception, noise in the ears. The appearance of side effects in case of overdose, consult a doctor is required.

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